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SDAFFL hopes to "SCORE" with the launch of 2013 calendar

SAN DIEGO -- Years in the planning and six months in the making, the San Diego American Flag Football League (SDAFFL) will finally release the calendar they’ve always just talked about.

The 15-month calendar, appropriately titled “SCORE,” will feature players from the recently finished 2012 season. Capitalizing on the diversity that comprises the SDAFFL, SCORE has something for everyone. Not wanting to produce your average beefcake calendar, the SDAFFL calendar team said they strived for a boy/girl next door quality combined with a sexy and casual edge.

Photographed on location in San Diego at the Ray Street Studios by local photographers Tom Weigand and Scott Donald, the images capture the players in both athletic and casual settings in a manner that wasn’t overly staged and was always inviting.

The launch celebration will be held at the Range in Hillcrest on Friday Aug. 10, starting at 7 pm. The calendar will be available for sale at the launch, and players in their new roles as accidental cover boys and cover girls will also be on hand to help promote the calendar.

In keeping with a true surprise, no one other than the calendar team has seen the final selected images from the photo shoot, let alone the complete calendar; even the models have been kept in the dark. As part of the launch celebration, and in the spirit of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition, the cover of the calendar will be unveiled at the launch.