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Health tip: Rejuvenate your face with Artefill

Facial lipoatrophy is a problem nearly everyone faces at some point in time. Whether age-related or the associated physical response to immune deficiency, the loss of facial volume impacts self-esteem, social and work relationships.

Options for facial re-volumizing are Sculptra and Artefill. We have transitioned the focus to Artefill for its immediate and long-lasting effects – 10 years and longer!

For a number of years, Sculptra has been an excellent treatment of providing volume restoration with the patient’s own collagen stimulation. But as good as Sculptra has performed, the time span to achieve desired volume correction can be frustratingly long – and must be maintained, as the longevity usually only approaches two years.

For the past several years we have been having unparalleled success with Artefill and have been able to achieve the same area volumization that was previously only possible through collagen stimulation.

Our Artefill patients, and particularly those with immune-deficiency related facial lipoatrophy, have been ecstatic to have a long-lasting, safe and immediate solution to this problem.

Artefill has two components – collagen (immediate fill) and PMMA microspheres, which stay in the skin permanently and continue an active collagen-building response for 10 years and longer.

Dr. Nasrin Mani at La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic is an Elite Artefill Trainer with extensive clinical experience in treating HIV-related lipoatrophy. Contact the doctor for more information.