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Get a LIFE: Are you a sun lover?

Having grown up in Israel, the sun has been a friend for many years. After living in the East Coast for seven years, I am extremely happy to be back in the land of sunshine.

Over Memorial Day Weekend, a friend took me up to Laguna Beach to experience the joys of tight swim trunks, laughter, and playful frolicking in the sun.

From drag queens in patriotic attire -- to a group of men turned professional cheerleaders throwing one another up in the air -- fun was everywhere.

Being playful in the sun is good for health, but it also carries with it potential hazards, like dehydration, sunburn, or heat exhaustion.

Water and/or coconut water are key for hydration, but what about sunscreen?

Everyone talks about the long-term effects of sun damage, but no one talks about sunscreen.

Believe it or not, the sunscreen industry is one of the least regulated.

The FDA recently advised—but didn’t mandate—that companies stop advertising high SPF numbers above 50. There is little conclusive evidence that products with an SPF over 50 actually do more to protect.

Furthermore, may chemicals used in conventional sunscreens go into our blood stream and create havoc for the body’s internal systems.

To get the best protection without the chemical side-effects, avoid most conventional brands and checkout this online guide from the Environmental Working Group.

This summer, create a win/win.

As you play in the sun, also make sure you protect yourself, friends, partners, and family from the negative side effects of not only the sun, but conventional sunscreens.

More about Danny Arguetty, M.A.

Danny Arguetty, M.A., a Nutrition, Health and LIFE (Living in Free Expression) Counselor, has been involved in the health field for the last decade. He guides clients in the San Diego area utilizing customized wellness programs.  
Danny specializes in supporting the GLBTQ community in losing weight, increasing energy, curing digestive distress, and in implementing simple and easy healthy living strategies. He also offers private yoga sessions, cooking instruction, or health food catering for individuals, couples, or small size gatherings.

Learn more about him at nourishyourlight.com or email him at danny@nourishyourlight.com. You can also follow him on Facebook.