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Sexy soccer ad against homophobia goes viral

BERLIN, Germany -- A 6-year-old print ad, featuring two German soccer players kissing after a game, has been dusted off and gone viral on the Internet just in time for the Euro 2012 football championship.

The ad asks, in German and English, "Would you beat up your favorite player for this?"

The sexy ad was designed by Maneo of Berlin as a way to combat homophobia in sports. Sports leaders in many western European countries are actively trying to educate fans on the pitfalls of homophobia.

Germany is one of the top football teams in Europe and is one of the favorites in the Euro 2012 cup, along with two-time defending champion Spain.

Last week, Germany's first openly gay professional footballer, Marcus Urban, spoke out in favor of LGBT rights and condemned Euro 2012 host nation Ukraine for proposing anti-gay laws. Sports ministers from Denmark and the Netherlands over the weekend conducted a meeting in Ukraine to ramp up pressure for the former Soviet block nation to address gay and human rights concerns.