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Boot~ique with VIDEO: Lean and sexy arm workout with a resistance band

Women are always asking us how to tone their arms - particularly that part that hangs when you wave ... we've got you covered.

Having sexy, toned arms is about more than just strengthening your arm muscles. You also need to burn off any fat that is covering your muscles.

That's why we created this quick arm circuit for you. You will target your arm muscles in a way that also raises your heart rate and burns off fat.

All you need is an light to medium resistance band and an interval timer to complete this workout.

Set your Gymboss interval timer to 50 seconds for the first timer and 10 seconds for the second timer. You'll do all four exercises back-to-back for 50 seconds each with a 10 second rest between exercises.

Each round will take four minutes to complete. Rest for up to one minute after the circuit and then repeat. Challenge yourself to continue repeating this circuit for up to 30 minutes (six rounds).

Boot Camp Exercise #1: Right leg forward split squat with bicep curl
Boot Camp Exercise #2: Left leg forward split squat with lateral raise
Boot Camp Exercise #3: Monster row
Boot Camp Exercise #4: Overhead triceps extension

Before you jump into the workout, make sure you warm up first. After your workout, it's really important to cool down and stretch to help your body recover quickly and to prevent injuries.

Combine this workout with our other boot camp fitness videos to get a complete total body training program. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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