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Scott Herman's Getting Fit VIDEO: Scott & Sean's Q&A - Episode 17

This week, Scott Herman and his buddy Sean answer more view questions.

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(3:28) John Simon

I am emailing wondering if you know the reason behind the gap found in biceps. I have found a picture on the internet and pasted the link here so you know what I am talking about.

My arm is similar to the one in picture where there is almost a 50% gap in my arm! It seem only some people have this weird muscle design. I have read the form where I got the picture from and it seems like the reason is genetics and I can’t do anything about that. Some people suggested doing hammer curls. Some people also said the peak of biceps will seem higher for whoever got the biggest gap, but I rather have biceps that extend the whole length of the arm than a big peak.

Yes I do have this gap (5.5cm!!!) and I hope there is some way to improve the situation as I hate (yes I know it is a strong word lol, but seriously I do!) the shape of my biceps. As you can see from this diagram, there is no "gap" between biceps muscle and elbow. Please let me know:

1. The reason behind it (I rather hear it from a professional)

2. Anything to improve the condition (if not then shall I train my forearm and tri to make it look less ugly). Or would it get better as I train my biceps more and as they get bigger? don’t want half my arm to be 15inches and other half to be like 9inches.

3. If these type of biceps has any side effect and reduce performance compared to biceps that extend the whole length of the arm. (Is it harder for people like us to do pull ups and curls compared to an identical person with same mass of muscle of their arm but have the biceps extending the whole length of the arm?). I ask you this since I feel there is too much stress on my elbow when I train (might be because I am trying to lift too much or bad posture.)

Many thanks, guys.

(14:34) Charlie Dickson

Hey Scott and Sean, my name is Charlie Dickson and I'm a 16-year-old junior in high school. I recently finished up my wrestling season a few weeks ago and was able to finish 3rd in the state. Next year I hope to be a state champion, and I've come to you two for some advice.

Last off-season I was lifting 4-5 times a week, generally with a rep range of 8-10 reps on my major lifts. I built a lot of muscle as a result, and it ended up hindering my performance on the mat come wrestling season. I was getting gassed very easily, and I also lost a lot of muscle from cutting weight (from about 147 lbs to 138). My nutrition and supplements were in place during the off-season, but I ended up throwing that out the window to lose weight faster during the in-season.

My question is, what should I do in this off-season as far as my lifting routine and supplementation goes? My goal is to mainly increase strength and explosiveness, while keeping my cardio up, as well. A little hypertrophy is ok. For supplementation, last off-season I used whey protein and a pre-workout in small amounts (NO xplode 2.0).

I currently weigh 149 and I would like to wrestle anywhere from 138 to 152 next year (145 being the weight class in between). Thank you for your time, and keep up the good work. Your videos have helped me a lot over the past few years, and I'm very grateful.

(25:27) Sam Dotson

Dear Scott & Sean,

My question is about workout variation; I try to plan my work-outs in advance and I've heard that it’s best to have different work-outs every week, but I've also heard that workouts should be varied every 6-8 weeks. Is there a middle ground here? Is one more right than the other?

My second question is: I drink a lot of water, I have a 20 oz water bottle and fill it up 5-6 times a day or more (so about 120-140 oz), not including the water I mix my protein with. Am I drinking too much water? I'm 5'8" and 120 lbs and I am 16-years-old if that helps. Thanks in advance, you guys are awesome.

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