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Get a LIFE: The importance of iodine

Iodine is a chemical element that is responsible for many of the body’s health functions.

Heath studies have found iodine offers thyroid support (it is needed for under-active, or hypothyroid), fighting infection, and helping the body fend off cancer and mood instability.

Iodine deficiency can show up in the body masked as fatigue, foggy thinking, cold hands and feet, dry skin, thin hair, and constipation.

In our culture, we are no longer exposed to as much iodine as we used to be, for many different reasons.

Iodine receptors are non-specific and are often filled with chemicals from off gassing carpets, furniture, and cars; iodine is no longer used in dough, and people are consuming less salt.

High quality sea salt contains some iodine in it, but it fades quickly once the salt is packaged and transported.

Sea vegetables like kelp, breathing in sea air (more reason to walk on the beach), and eating other high quality fish will increase iodine levels.

If you are not sure about your own iodine levels, the at home spot test recommended by Dr. John Douillard:

Use a Q-tip to apply a 2-inch thick square of 2% Iodine Tincture (found in the first aid section of the grocery store) on your inner forearm.

Monitor how many hours it takes for the patch to totally fade. If your iodine levels are normal the iodine spot will take 24 hours to fade. If it fades in less than 12 hours, consider further testing or treatment.

Boost your immunity and ensure your longevity by staying aware of your iodine levels. For further testing options, ask you doctor to run the 24 hour urinary iodine load test.

For more details about iodine deficiency and its connection to cancer, watch Dr. Doulliard in this video.

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Danny Arguetty, M.A., a Nutrition, Health and LIFE (Living in Free Expression) Counselor, has been involved in the health field for the last decade. He guides and works privately with clients utilizing customized programs based on bio-individual needs and diverse life situations.

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