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LGBT Sports Profile: Jennine Estes - trapeze trickster

This week's LGBT Sports profile shines a light on Jennine Estes, a daring young woman who takes her flying trapeze very seriously.

Estes grew up in Antioch, Calif., just an hour east of San Francisco.

When she came to San Diego for college 15 years ago, she loved it so much, she never left.

This active member of our community is busier than ever.

Estes runs a thriving counseling practice in Mission Valley, is happily taken, and recently moved to the Mission Hills area of San Diego, where she "loves every bit of it."

She has also been a health and wellness support columnist in SDGLN since the launch of the publication.

Predominate sports involved in:


Two and a half years ago, a friend who knew that I will try just about anything adventurous, asked me to join her in flying trapeze.

At that time, I was recovering from the ups-and-downs of my father’s battle with cancer and he had recently passed away. I was in desperate need of something to get excitement from.

The first day of my trapeze class, I was able to do a complete trick (knee hang and back flip). I was never in a sport long enough to get good at it, so this gave me hope and inspiration.

The complete adrenaline rush of 23 feet in the air, leaning over a ledge, and having to trust the people in charge had me in a new world. Swinging back and forth, flipping in the air, and bouncing in the net, really hit my heart and I have been involved ever since.

I am now active in the flying trapeze and the doubles static trapeze (doing tricks on a bar that hangs with another person).

What sports-related organization(s) do you play with or volunteer for, and why?

Trapeze High (it is the only flying trapeze school in San Diego).

Position(s) played:

For flying trapeze: flyer and catcher. A “flyer” is someone who throws tricks from one bar and flies to a catcher on another bar. A “catcher” catches the flyer who is throwing a trick.

For static trapeze, I am a flyer and also a base. The base holds people, either by their legs or arms, while they do tricks hanging from a bar. The flyer is often the one doing certain tricks, such as the splits.

When is the primary season for that sport?


What do you like best about that sport and/or that organization?

Since I work with very heavy amounts of emotion in my therapy office, the sport allows me to step out of the emotional seriousness business. I end up going through different kinds of emotions: the fear of trying a new trick, the excitement of growing in my technique, laughter and kid-like feelings when jumping into the net, and building strong friendships.

I also love the fact that I started off being able to complete a trick on my first day. The part I like best is being able to grow and learn new things each day.

What is your full-time career? I am a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) full-time and I also supervise two therapist interns. I focus predominately on relationships and couples counseling.

What is something that many people do not know about you?

I ride a motorcycle

What do you like most about the local LGBT community and its support of sports programs?

I like that the community is always supporting all areas of life; no matter what.

What would you like to see change in the LGBT community?

I am not sure.

What other sorts of things do you do to enrich your social life (aside from sports)?

I invite all my friends over for either a brunch, dinner or game night. If there are more than three people, I call it “family time.”

Movie nights with friends, wine nights with colleagues, yoga classes, trying new classes (photography clas,s for example), attending GSDBA meetings, networking events for business, online community supports, and anything else I can get my hands on!

Where would you be right now if you could be anywhere?

Obviously on a trapeze rig in another country while traveling. I try to visit other trapeze rigs when I travel.

What is your favorite outdoor location in San Diego?

I absolutely love Seal beach (or children’s beach) in La Jolla and Sunset Cliffs in Point Loma.

Anything exciting coming up with regards to your favorite sports?

We have a Family and Friends Show on April 7, 2012, at 6 pm at Del Mar Fairgrounds in the Hotshotz building. We will be performing both flying and static trapeze.

It is a free event. Simply come out, bring a lawn chair and watch the fun!

Website & social media info for the sports organization you are most involved in?

Trapeze High is the only flying trapeze school in San Diego. You can visit their website HERE.

To learn more about them and keep up with the news about the upcoming show in April, follow them on Facebook.

You can also find them on Twitter.

Aerial Revolution is a place where I take private lessons from a friend. They are available for corporate events.

You can visit their webpage, follow them on Facebook or on Twitter.

Photos: All courtesy Jennine Estes.

If there is someone you know who participates in an LGBT sport here in San Diego and would like to have them profiled, email morgan@sdgln.com.