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LGBT Sports Profile: Seth Silvernail

This week's LGBT Sports Profile is Seth Silvernail, who enjoys sports so much he spends a lot of time running around and keeping busy with two organized sports leagues in San Diego.

Originally from Petaluma, Calif., Seth has lived in San Diego for 12 years. He is currently single and resides in the University Heights neighborhood.

Predominate sports involved in (identify if any are LGBT related and those that aren’t):

Softball, Brass Rail Blasters, LGBT team and League

Soccer, Sack of Balls, an LGBT team in a non-LGBT league

What sports-related organization(s) do you play with or volunteer for, and why?

I am both a player and a volunteer for America’s Finest City Softball League (AFCSL) here in San Diego.

I've only been playing softball for one year, but AFCSL has welcomed me with open arms and allowed me to grow tremendously as a player.

I'm playing with the Brass Rail Blasters this coming season and we are looking forward to going all the way to the Gay Softball World Series (GSWS) again this year.

I also volunteer for AFCSL. I help with the planning social activities, as well as our annual softball tournament in October, the Autumn Classic.

The social activities planning committee brings players together with our team sponsors throughout the season and really promotes socialization between teams and players off the field, which is just as important sometimes as how well we do on the field.

Position(s) played:

Softball – Right Field, Right-Center Field

Soccer – Goal Keeper, Defender

When is the primary season for that sport?

Softball – March through June, opening day is this Sunday -- 3/11/12

Soccer – Year-round, because we live in sunny San Diego!

What do you like best about that sport and/or that organization?

I love that the AFCSL provides LGBT individuals who may have never picked up a softball in their lives, a chance to not only learn how to play softball, but also a place where you can meet lifelong friends and teammates.

I may be a newcomer, but I expect to be with the league for many more years to come.

What is your full-time career?

Training supervisor at American Specialty Health, an alternative medicine health insurance company

What is something that many people do not know about you?

I lived and worked in Bangladesh for two years running a call center.

What do you like most about the local LGBT community and its support of sports programs?

I think that sports and organized sports leagues are a great alternative to bars and clubs when it comes to socializing with other LGBT individuals and meeting new people in the San Diego area LGBT community.

The support from local LGBT businesses and the rest of the community has allowed the AFCSL to become one of San Diego's largest and oldest LGBT sports leagues.

What would you like to see change in the LGBT community?

I think we have an amazing community and the best change for us would be the continued growth of our amazing community. Keep welcoming everyone with open arms!

What other sorts of things do you do to enrich your social life (aside from sports)?

Poker nights and board game nights with friends, trying new restaurants throughout San Diego whenever possible, grabbing a few drinks with friends (shout out to The Brass Rail in Hillcrest, our softball team sponsor!), running in Balboa Park, hiking with friends

Where would you be right now if you could be anywhere?

I would be outdoors somewhere in San Diego enjoying our amazing city and weather with good friends.

What is your favorite outdoor location in San Diego?

Balboa Park. I love everything about Balboa Park, from the amazing museums, to the San Diego Zoo, to the huge stretches of open grass.

Anything exciting coming up with regards to your favorite sports?

Opening Day for the AFCSL is Sunday March 11th, come out to support your favorite teams!

Website & social media info for the sports organization you are most involved in?

Our website is: www.afcsl.org.

You can also follow our activities on Facebook under AFCSL San Diego.

Are there any local non-profits that you feel strongly about?

I have a close friend who works for the Ronald McDonald House of San Diego.

They provide a "home away from home" for families with seriously ill children being treated at San Diego area hospitals and are an amazing organization.

If there is someone you know who participates in an LGBT sport here in San Diego and would like to have them profiled, email morgan@sdgln.com.