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Get a LIFE: Warm up with some nutritious root veggie soup

When its chilly outdoors warm liquids are extremely nourishing for the body and mind.

Soups can be filling, hydrating, and full of nutrients.

They also serve as a wonderful alternative to a heavy traditional dinner, inviting the body to cleanse throughout the sleep cycle, as digestion from a soup meal completes earlier on than for other foods.

Finally, soups are super easy to make, especially when you have a plan:

1.Chop two medium onions and four celery sticks.

2.Melt 1 tbs of clarified butter, add onions and celery, and then sprinkle 2 tsp of sea salt. Mix and sauté for 5 minutes.

3.Add in 4 cups of either sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots or parsnips (see photo at top left). You can also make a soup combining an even portion of all four vegetables.

4.Continue to stir and sauté for three more minutes, adding an additional sprinkle of sea salt and ground pepper.

5.Add 6-8 cups of water, depending upon how liquid or thick you want your soup.

6.Bring to a boil, cover, and simmer until veggies are soft, about 15-20 min.

7.Once veggies are soft, use an immersion blender (try to find one with a metal lower half, as plastic and heat don’t mix well -- see photo at middle left), to condense your soup.

8.Add any additional sea salt or pepper to flavor. The soup will be naturally sweet from the root veggies.

9.Garnish with cilantro and a squeeze of fresh lime or lemon.

Enjoy your soup with family and friends.

Serve with a few slices of sourdough leavened bread and a side of steamed or blanched kale or chard, sprinkled with fresh olive oil.

More about Danny Arguetty, M.A.

Danny Arguetty, M.A., a Nutrition, Health and LIFE (Living in Free Expression) Counselor, has been involved in the health field for the last decade. He guides and works privately with clients utilizing customized programs based on bio-individual needs and diverse life situations.

He specializes in yoga privates, weight loss, digestive disorders, healthy aging, sugar/caffeine dependencies, persistent fatigue, chronic stress, relationship support, life coaching and practical healthy living strategies.

Arguetty is also a faculty member at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Adjunct Faculty at Williams College, and author of Nourishing the Teacher: inquiries, contemplations & insights on the path of yoga. He leads 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings in Southern California and Advanced 500hr Trainings in Kerala, India.

Learn more about him at nourishyourlight.com or email him at danny@nourishyourlight.com. You can also follow him on Facebook.