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Scott Herman's Getting Fit VIDEO: Beat Me Down Episode 6 - Gravity Kills!

Combining body-weight exercises with the intensity of having to use extreme brute force to flip a tire; is there anything else you wish you were doing right now?

This episode of BMD is really going to push you to your limit and show that you don’t need iron weights to put your body through a killer workout! But the real challenge here is going to be trying to figure out the best possible way to complete all 6 exercises as fast as you can!

Each exercise has a set number of reps that must be completed and the workout is not done until all 525 reps are complete.

(0:32) Routine Sets & Reps
(2:32) Tire Flip (50reps)
(4:09) Hanging Knee Tuck (50reps)
(5:22) Bench Hip Thrust (125reps)
(6:30) Gliding Hamstring Curl (50reps)
(7:56) Extension Stabilizer (125reps)
(8:56) Tire Jump (125reps)

View the full workout plan and photos below:

Beat Me Down 6

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Scott Herman is the founder and CEO of Scott Herman Fitness. He created the business because he saw the need for people who wanted to get in shape, but couldn’t afford the high cost of a personal trainer. He has worked in a gym since he was 14 and has done everything from GM to Fitness Professional. He attended Merrimack College in North Andover, Mass., where he received his bachelor’s degree in business administration. He also holds a real estate license. After college, Scott harnessed his energy into a career that encompassed all the things he loves: fitness, modeling and the entertainment business. Thus, Scott Herman Fitness on YouTube was born and this dynamo now spends his days expanding his social network on his quest to teach fitness to the world for free.