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Art of Fitness

“What value do people who let themselves get out of shape place on their lives?”

Art of Fitness: Plan Your Meals

The single most important thing you can do to improve your state of health and your physical appearance is to seriously plan out meals that you will eat for each day.

Torrealba opens up about son’s kidnapping

In the midst of manager turnover and a playoff run with the Rockies last season, new Padres catcher Yorvit Torrealba was dealing with drama of a very different and real kind - his son being kidnapped for ransom in his home country.

Sex: Not Enough for Intimacy

Sex is not the same thing as intimacy, although they are often confused with each other. Most adults realize that it is easy to have sex with someone. If sex weren’t fun or enjoyable, cavepeople would never have procreated.

Sen. John Kerry’s open letter to FDA boss

If there is scientific data to support this apparent double standard in deferral periods, I would request the FDA share this information.