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Boot~ique with VIDEO: Keep fit and dance to give back at Thanksgiving

The holidays have officially arrived! There are so many things to enjoy and appreciate during the holidays, but I bet you're thinking about Thanksgiving dinner, right?

To help you avoid over-eating this great meal, start your day off right.

After a good night's sleep, enjoy a healthy, protein and fiber-rich breakfast!

Remember, it's not helpful to starve yourself all day, just so you can eat more at night. Continue to eat well throughout the day so you are not overly hungry when the Thanksgiving meal hits the table.

The best thing you can do for yourself on a big holiday like this is to workout!

Yes, you'll burn calories, but that's not even the best part. Working out will keep you in a fit mindset.

You won't want to gorge yourself down with too much food after you've worked up a good sweat and have that great natural endorphin high.

Plus, you'll be more likely to recognize how much work you will have to do to burn off over-indulgence calories ... in other words, you'll think twice about going for seconds and thirds.

Here's a great workout you can do that will get your heart pumping, your metabolism rising and your endorphins flying.

Leave a comment and let us know how you like this workout.

As usual, in our boot camp program, we're offering a free week trial  so that you can experience exactly what our program can do for you, RISK FREE. 

For more free boot camp style workouts, check out the other videos we have on our BLOG.

Give back with Zumba on Thanksgiving

One way to make even more room for your Thanksgiving meal is to come out and dance with us on Thanksgiving morning.

This Thanksgiving, we're hosting a non-profit Zumba class on Thanksgiving Day at 10:00 am. All donations for this class are voluntary and will benefit the St. Vincent de Paul Village here in San Diego.

You can learn more about our "dance to give back" session over on our website.

Our Zumba class space is located at 2971 India St. Make a reservation HERE. Please only make a reservation if you are absolutely going to keep it because the class is limited to only 30 people.

St. Vincent de Paul Village is a mission-style campus located in the heart of San Diego which houses 900 families, single men and single women every night and serves more than 3,000 meals each day. Programs include children's activities, family literacy classes, and after school services; job skills workshops, career counseling, motivational classes, medical and dental care. The Joan Kroc Center, Bishop Maher Center, Paul Mirabile Center, Village Place and Villa Harvey Mandel are all part of the downtown Village.

Note our regular Zumba schedule is on for Tuesday at 5:30 pm and Sunday at 10:00 am. No class Thursday night (11/24).

Thanksgiving Day Recipe Makeovers - Lower Calorie

If you want other ways to lower the caloric count of your favorite Thanksgiving day traditional foods, you can check out all our great recipes on our website.

Scroll down the page (after you click above) to see our low calorie Thanksgiving desserts and our other holiday recipe makeovers! We have low calorie recipes for sweet potato pie, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, apple pie and more!

Jaylin Allen is a local fitness expert in San Diego, known for getting her clients in shape in record time through her popular "Boot Camps For Women" and "Zumba" classes. For more information about Jaylin, fitness, or her classes, be sure to check out Bootique Fitness or call (619) 602-8087.