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Scott Herman's Getting Fit VIDEO: Episode 13 of Scott & Sean's Q&A!

Scott and Sean answered more viewer questions this week:

(1:03) Anthony Kesterson

Hey Scott and Sean! I'm almost 24 years old and just beginning to change my body. I bought dietary supplements; N.O.-XPLODE, CELLMASS, and SYNTHA-6.

I'm just not sure how to start exercising, or what exercises are good for me to start with. I don't have any weights at home, but I have a fitness center where I live.

I work until 7 pm every day and I'm off on Wednesday and Sundays, so when is the best time to take the supplements that I bought, and when should I actually work out?

Can you also maybe give me some ideas on exercises that would be good for a beginner like me? Thanks for your help, you guys are the best!! :)

(8:50) Scott Hunter

Hey guys, first of all you are awesome. Secondly, I have adopted Scott's routine of a "burn set" for the first set in an exercise.

The problem I am currently having is that in sets 2 and 3, I can't lift the maximum weight I lifted at the start of set 1 (or cannot get to 8 reps).

Is it wise to try the set 1 weight and do as much as possible (1-8) or knock it down a weight? Suggestions/strategy? Cheers, guys!

(14:42) Ashish

Hi Scott/Sean, I have been working out for quite a while now. I have seen my upper body develop at a much faster rate than the lower part (legs more precisely). The lower body doesn’t seem to be in proportion with my overall appearance.

Could you possibly guide me as to how and in which areas I should put in more efforts for the overall development of my physique? Does this mean that I should not work out my back for a while, since I have a reasonably wider back as compared to my lower body?

For your information, I work out five days a week, with legs on each Friday, followed by two days off from the gym. TIA Regards Ashish

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