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Boot~ique with VIDEO: Total body tone-up

You can maximize your workout by doing a small group of exercises, back to back in a circuit with very little rest.

You will save time and burn more calories to give your body that fit, lean, fabulous look you desire.

For this workout, each circuit is just five minutes.

You'll do five exercises in a row, targeting your major muscle groups for a total body workout. We recommend working up to doing this circuit four times in a row - just take a 30 second rest between circuits.

You don't need any exercise equipment,  just a gymboss interval timer.

Don't forget to both warm up before your exercise and to stretch after, for safety and to prevent injury.

Add this workout to the other videos we have on our other videos we have on our blog, to create a balanced workout program.

In our boot camp program, we're offering a free week trial so that you can experience exactly what our program can do for you RISK FREE. 

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Jaylin Allen is a local fitness expert in San Diego, known for getting her clients in shape in record time through her popular "Boot Camps For Women" and "Zumba" classes. For more information about Jaylin, fitness, or her classes, be sure to check out Bootique Fitness or call (619) 602-8087.