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SDAFFL Playoffs Week One: Starting from scratch

After returning from their Memorial Weekend break, the San Diego American Flag Football League wasted no time and went right into the playoffs.

The last time the league played was May 21, aka "double-header Saturday."

This was also the last day of the regular season, and standings were determined based on the outcome of these games.

Going into the playoffs, the standings were as follows:

1. Bourbon Street Storm, 9-0
2. Baja Betty’s Ball Hawks, 9-1
3. Eden Hellraisers, 7-2
4. No. 1 on Fifth Ave Hitmen, 7-3
5. Martini’s Bulls, 6-4
6. Park Manor Lockdown, 4-5
7. R Gang Bangers, 4-5
8. Redwing R-Dawgs, 4-5
9. Flicks United, 4-5
10. True North Aztecs, 3-6
11. Fiesta Cantina Fury, 2-7
12. Urban Mo’s Mo Fos, 1-8
13. PECS Gators, 0-9

As expected, Bourbon Street and Baja Betty’s went into the playoffs in the top two positions, which also meant they had arguably the biggest targets painted on their backs as the teams to beat.

Teams that also finished the season strong were Eden, taking the number 3 position, the Hitmen from #1 on 5th, and the surprise team with perhaps the most momentum going into the playoffs, having won their last three games, the Martinis' Bulls.

With the standings determined, the playoff match-ups followed:

#12 - Urban Mo’s vs. #13 - PECS
# 7 - R Gang Eatery vs. #6 - Park Manor
# 8 - Redwing Bar & Grill vs. #5 - Martini’s

(later) Urban Mo’s/ PECS vs. #1- Bourbon Street

#11 - Fiesta Cantina vs. #2 - Baja Betty’s
#3 - Eden vs. #10 - True North
#9 - Flicks vs. #4 - No. 1 on Fifth Ave

Fast forward to the playoffs this past weekend, and they were not without the drama displayed throughout the season.

No Surprises

The first game of the morning -- the Mo’s vs. PECS matchup -- would determine who would play first seed Bourbon Street later in the day.

PECS, the sentimental favorite having gone winless the entire season, wanted to prove that they shouldn’t be counted out. The playoffs, after all, were seen by many as a new beginning.

After a tough and scrappy game with Urban Mo’s, in the end, PECS just couldn’t catch a break. They would fell to Urban Mo’s to go winless for the entire season.

"I'm very proud of my team," said PECS Captain, HT Bennett referring to the season. "We lost every game, but we fought hard and were in every game we played, always believing we would win. The epitome of this team's spirit was to see all my guys show up at 715 for our playoff game. They hadn't won a game, yet they all showed up early, excited to play.”

With identical records, Park Manor was looking for revenge against R Gang, after losing a tough battle to them early in the season. Repeat the success they had in their previous game (by ditching their playbook and playing scrap-ball), Park Manor’s defense proved to be too much for R Gang. Park Manor exacted the revenge they wanted by defeating R Gang and advancing to the semi-finals.

In both the Martinis/Redwing and Fiesta/Baja Betty’s games, the teams with the higher records exerted their will on the lower ranked teams. Mistakes and getting both out-played and out-hustled would lead to Redwing and Fiesta Cantina’s undoing.

The Upsets

The shockers of the day would come from the Eden/True North and Flicks/No. 1 on Fifth Ave match ups.

Being a team considered to give Bourbon Street and Baja Betty’s a run for their money, Eden came into the playoffs in the number three spot and was expected to easily advance into the semi-finals; though the True North Aztecs had other plans.

Considered one of the better teams holding a bad record, the Aztecs lived up to their true potential, essentially taking Eden to task and capitalizing on Eden’s mistakes. While it’s true that all teams have bad days; it was just unfortunate that Eden’s happened during the playoffs.

Flicks, the team with the dubious distinction of having lost by the largest margin in SDAFFL history (by 49 points to Eden), started the season strong but suffered a string of losses. Having finished in the middle of the pack, they then redeemed themselves by having a great game and eliminating the tough, fast and wiley #4 seeded Hitmen.

Led by quarterback and Assistant Commissioner Craig Goida, Flicks United was looking to even the score with the team that had beaten them a few weeks ago during double-header Saturday, and they succeeded.

Perhaps the most exciting and unexpected game, was the matchup between Urban Mo’s and Bourbon Street.

Fresh from their win against PECS, the #12 seed Urban Mo’s went up against the #1 Bourbon Street Storm. With nothing to lose, Mo’s came out fighting, wanting Bourbon to know that they weren’t going to lie down and give this game to them. Bourbon would have to earn it! Mo’s kept the game close, but in the end, Bourbon Street came out on top, winning by 7 points.

On to the Semis

The semi-finals and playoffs are this Saturday, June 11th. If there ever was a time to see what the fuss is all about, this is it!

Along with the excitement that comes with playoff football, DJ Kiki will also be on hand, providing the soundtrack for the day. With beautiful weather expected, it’s going to be one hell of a finish to a spectacular season!

Semi-Final match-ups are as follows:

9:00 am

#10 - True North vs. #5 - Martinis
#9 - Flicks vs. #6 - Park Manor

11:00 am

Game 1 - Lowest seeded remaining team vs. #1- Bourbon Street
Game 2 - Highest seeded remaining team vs. #2- Baja Betty’s

1:00 pm

Championship Game
Winner from Game 1 vs. winner from Game 2

Games are played at Doyle Park and Rec Center located at 8175 Regents Road, San Diego, CA 92122.

Scores from the first round of playoffs

  • PECS – 7, Urban Mo’s – 14*
  • R Gang Eatery – 14, Park Manor – 24*
  • Redwing Bar & Grill – 18, Martinis – 42*,
  • Urban Mo’s – 13, Bourbon Street – 20*
  • Fiesta Cantina – 12, Baja Betty’s – 34*
  • Eden – 13, True North – 35*
  • #1 5th Avenue – 20, Flicks – 32*

* indicates winner

A complete and current standings review for the league is available at the SDAFFL homepage.

For a full listing of team standings, or any other information, visit the website.

SDAFFL Mission Statement

The San Diego American Flag Football League (SDAFFL) seeks to promote the positive social and athletic enjoyment of American flag football. Through our league, our events and most importantly our members, we also seek to foster and augment the self-respect of GLBTQA (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Allied) persons and to engender respect and understanding from the larger community.

While particular emphasis is placed on these specific goals, it is a fundamental principle of the SDAFFL that all activities, social and athletic, are conducted to be inclusive in nature and that no individual shall be excluded from participating on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, political beliefs, athletic ability, physical challenge, or HIV status.

All photos (including those above left) courtesy Tom Weigand Digital Photography. To see additional SDAFFL photos or to learn more about Tom Weigand Digital Photography, click HERE.

Russ Edra is the PR contact for the SDAFFL. He can be reached at russ@sdaffl.com.