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San Diego County Meal Services for K-12 Students and Senior Citizens

My office is working to provide Mid-City and South San Diego County residents with the latest information on the impact the novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19, is having on our community. Our senior citizens and young students will be the most affected by this crisis, and organizations throughout San Diego have stepped up to help residents grappling with issues around food security.

Need for gloves and masks at UC San Diego Health units

The University of California San Diego is asking for the public's help by way of donations of masks, gloves and face shields.

These items should be medical-grade and can come from salons, tattoo parlors, spas, etc. 

Below is more information and how you can help:

Stepping Stone San Diego cancels graduation ceremony

Stepping Stone San Diego cancels graduation ceremony.

The coronavirus is taking its toll not only on world health but on many public gatherings and events where individuals sit or stand in close proximity to one another.

Is "Queer Cancel Culture" ruining our progress?

Is "Queer Cancel Culture" ruining our progress?

"Cancel culture" is a powerful tool when used properly, but if abused it can end up leaving conversations that should happen between both sides unspoken, and that is not healthy for either group.

Only out gay male professional athlete Collin Martin signed for San Diego Loyal

Out soccer midfielder Collin Martin signed for San Diego Loyal.

Collin Martin, a professional soccer player, made sports headlines two years ago after coming out publically while playing for the Minnesota United. That held historic significance because it made him the only out player in all five major sports organizations.

Are you a needy gay? You should be

Psychotherapist and YouTube personality Matthew J. Dempsey continues his virtual YouTube sessions with his latest talk, "Why Gays Should Be Needy."

Matthew is tackling the subject of relationships and how expressing your needs and adhering to boundaries can lead to something you both want.