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Is 30 minutes of exercise right for you?

Many people believe that they can't get a good workout in thirty minutes, but truth is, most of these people spend less than 30 minutes actually exercising. They rest for a few minutes in between sets, chat with a friend, check People Magazine for hot beach bodies, stare in the mirror and check out their tricep or whatever else they can do to procrastinate before the next exercise.

It does not matter what your fitness level is, or what your goals are- you can benefit from a thirty minute workout. Research has proven that 30 minutes can actually be MORE effective than a traditional workout format.

In our society, there is an ever-decreasing amount of time available for either healthy food or exercise.

With limited time in our schedules, 30 minutes may be the ideal workout philosophy to stay on track to your goals and be more consistent with your workouts.

Would you rather get five, 30 minute workouts in next week or just get one or two hour workouts because of schedule constraints?

However, there is a catch with a 30 minute workout. It has to be a higher intensity than your normal workout routine. You aren't just cutting off your regular workout at 30 minutes and heading home. You must push yourself, according to your own fitness level, and you will probably get more accomplished in the workout than you normally would do.

When you push yourself to an uncomfortable intensity level- that is when your body is burning its most body fat. So if you want results- you need to be a little uncomfortable. The goal is not to destroy yourself until you puke, it is too push yourself enough where you may not be able to hold a conversation and your heart rate is elevated.

In order to make a thirty-minute workout effective- you should follow these seven principles:

1. Be sufficiently warmed up. Anywhere from five minutes of above average intensity on cardio to a full 25 minute interval cardio routine is enough to get you warm.

2. You must get yourself into your “uncomfortable zone.” Push yourself a little harder than normal, breathe a little heavier and keep pushing for 30 minutes!

3. 75% of the workout should consist of compound movement and exercises that move the large muscle groups- legs, back and chest.

4. Use the principles of interval training. Which means push yourself out of your comfort zone and then pull back for a minute to a lower intensity- (active rest). This is one of the best ways to increase your fitness level and your fat burning capabilities.

5. Pair exercises of opposite muscle groups. So if you are doing a chest press, immediately go and do a seated row, then rest. Doing opposite muscle groups allows you to continue exercising while certain muscles rest. More efficiency and a great use of time.

6. Add variety. If you are constantly switching up the routine, your body never gets adjusted to the workout – and the body responds by burning more body fat! Don’t just switch the exercises – switch entire routines. Don’t be afraid to run stairs, use kettlebells, do body weight exercises, or just use a medicine ball to do a whole workout. Your body will thank you by burning more fat.

7. Don’t be afraid to push yourself. Most people are hesitant about working out at a gym because of weight issues, or not knowing what to do. People are also afraid of working out too hard. I am not asking you to beat yourself down; just sweat a little, get a little “dirty” and workout with a goal in mind. It took a lot of “passion” and “persistence” to put that weight on – it takes the same amount to take it off! Get after it!

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