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Christmas causes splits - finds UK survey

With a whole host of decisions to make in the lead-up to Christmas, it seems that some of us are also going to use the festive season as a reason to end our relationships.

We have all read the traditional Divorce Day stories that fly off the presses as soon as we all head back to work in the New Year, but is it really true that this is the worst time of the year for splitting up?

Recently, Divorce-Online.co.uk decided to find out the truth and commissioned a comprehensive survey to find out why.

Close to a quarter of those polled agree that relationships with partners become more pressurized during the Christmas period.

Almost two thirds of those surveyed agree that "a start to a new year can make people yearn for a change in their relationship."

16% of the responders have experienced an argument with a partner during the festive season which made them contemplate splitting up, 9% have experienced a relationship breakdown during Christmas and 8% have ignored the feeling of wanting to break up because it is Christmas.