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Help Pets Relax for the Holidays

(NORTH ANDOVER, MASS). Whether you're entertaining or traveling this holiday season, disruptions in a household's daily routine can negatively affect your pet's behavior. Recent research shows that upwards of 10.7 million pets in the United States suffer from separation anxiety, resulting in inappropriate, unwanted behaviors.

According to Margo Roman, DVM, "Animals have complex feelings. Pets can experience separation anxiety, anger, fear, boredom, loneliness, jealousy and other sophisticated emotions." Dr. Roman, a board member of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, explains, "If left untreated, these intense feelings can lead to unwanted behaviors -- a dog with a propensity to bite, a cat that continually urinates on the carpet, a bird that pulls out his feathers each time his owner leaves the house."

With the holidays around the corner, many pets will have to deal with being left behind and different types of people in the house. Dr. Roman recommends pet owners consider stress relief remedies should their pets experience any of the following:

-- Excessive barking or hissing
-- Constant licking or nibbling
-- Separation anxiety
-- Fear of loud noises including thunderstorms
-- Travel or change in routine

Stress relief remedies can be purchased at a number of pet retailers and on-line. All natural remedies may also be purchased at Whole Foods.