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Hillcrest Dodgeball - Supporting the Programs of San Diego Pride

The first annual Hillcrest Dodgeball Tournament was held Sunday in Balboa Park. The event was organized by a group of San Diego Pride Ambassadors in an effort to raise money for the programs of San Diego Pride.

About 40 people came to the event, most playing with one of the four teams: Dancing Queens, Rainbowland, Deja, and Blue Balls. It was a far cry from the dodgeball games you played in elementary school.

Participants were asked to donate $25 to the San Diego Pride Ambassador Program. The program was formed in early 2009 as a way to engage a new generation of leaders in the LGBT community.

The Ambassadors sponsor fundraising projects and other events to raise money for the programs and services of San Diego Pride. Over the last year, dozens of fundraising events have been organized by Pride Ambassadors, including dance parties at nightclubs, coffee and tea parties, and a Hillcrest Scavenger Hunt.

Pride Ambassadors Fernao Balsalubre-Tehrani, Eve Parker, Nelson Garcia, and Adam Craft first conceived the dodge ball fundraising idea, organized the event, and now hope to make Hillcrest Dodgeball an annual fundraiser.

Tournament winners received milk bottles filled with Milky Way candy bars and gift certificates donated by local stores and restaurants. For more information about the Pride Ambassador Program and other events, visit: www.sandiegopride.org