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Do-It-Yourself Botox? There's an App for That!

(SANTA MONICA) PRNewswire/ -- Five in 5, an iPhone app just released in the App store, is a do-it-yourself video tutorial that teaches users to tone, tighten and firm their face using their own two hands. It's the first facial exercise app available on iPhone.

Five in 5 consists of five facial exercises, plus a bonus exercise, that you can do in five minutes that take 5 years off your face. Since the muscles of the face are attached directly to the skin that covers them, when you firm your facial muscles with Five in 5, the skin attached to them firms up too.
Each exercise targets a different facial zone to tone the face from neck to forehead. Users choose a quick demo to learn the exercises, and then follow along with the workout video to complete the quick routine. Benefits can be seen immediately and increase with repeated use.

One of the few video based apps for iPhone, Five in 5 was a labor of love for the creator who researched and developed the routine and then, in essence, became a studio: writing, directing, editing and producing the App from start to finish. Said creator Gener Jones, "After doing only five facial exercises for years with excellent results, I figured anyone who wants to look better or age gracefully would want to know this secret.”