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Fitness and Intuition

Recently, I was asked to answer a couple questions for International Fitness Magazine.

1. Does intuition play a role in one’s fitness goals or workout strategies?
In my years of working with people on fitness goals, I’ve come to feel that accurate intuition is a byproduct of knowing oneself. People that have more awareness and control of their bodies (and are generally more fit) tend to have more clarity on what “feels” right for them in a fitness program. Others who have very little physical awareness, or have always just blindly followed what others told them they should do, aren’t usually clear enough in their awareness to allow intuition to come through. Intuition in fitness entirely depends on the person’s ability to be in-tune.

2. Is fitness just about the body, or is there a body/mind/spirit connection?
There is absolutely a connection between these, although the word “spirit” can mean different things to different people.

In looking at the physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and other aspects of being, they all affect each other – all the time. How common is it for a person to go through a bad break-up, then go for a run to blow off some steam? Things like that happen all time, and in this case, the mental/emotional is affecting actions taken in the physical. Why would we ever think that improving physical health wouldn’t have an influence in the other direction?

David M. Zappasodi holds a BS in Exercise Physiology, is a N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer, and is a Certified Metabolic Typing Practitioner. His interests include Ju Jitsu, yoga, basketball, swimming and surfing.