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Stepping Stone shares tips to maintain sobriety at Pride celebrations

Stepping Stone shares tips to maintain sobriety at Pride celebrations

After a really tough year, many of us are more than ready for a celebration. We're ready to see our friends again. For some though, all the excitement and activity can be a trigger. Newcomers especially can struggle to maintain sobriety when surrounded by people who are "extra festive." We know as alcoholics and addicts we can go anywhere "normies" can go, as long as we are prepared and have sober intentions. Here are some tips to get through Pride with your sobriety date intact.

5 Tips For A Sober Pride

1. Buddy up. If you're going to a Pride event, don't go alone. Find a sober buddy or buddies (even better) to join you. You can support each other if things get rough. Plus, having someone with you can help relieve social anxiety.

2. Plan ahead. Know where you're going and how long you plan on staying before you leave the house. Wandering around looking for something to do can lead to bad decision making. Don't leave your sobriety (or your fun) to chance.

3. Bookending. This technique is great for anytime you're going somewhere people will be drinking. Make a commitment to call a sober friend before you go and when you leave. Let your friend know that if they don't hear from you by a certain time, they should check in with you.

4. Be of service. Even with some of the in-person Pride events canceled, there are still opportunities to volunteer. Get in touch with SD Pride to find out what opportunities there are. You can also be of service by BEING the buddy from tip number one. Announce at a meeting or in a Facebook group that you are available to hang out with newcomers during Pride.

5. Leave. Grab your buddy and get out of there if things start to get dicey. No party is worth your sobriety. You can go get coffee or something to eat. Or just go home and relax. When you wake up sober the next day you'll be glad you did.

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