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Stepping Stone San Diego cancels graduation ceremony

Stepping Stone San Diego cancels graduation ceremony.
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The coronavirus is taking its toll not only on world health but on many public gatherings and events where individuals sit or stand in close proximity to one another.

In the interest of public safety Stepping Stone San Diego is also taking precautions to avoid the potential spread of disease. They announced in a social media post today that some of their events have been canceled until further notice: 

At Stepping Stone, our goal for the past 44 years has been to provide a safe, healthy, caring environment to help the LGBTQ+ community recover from alcohol and drug addiction. Our staff, volunteers and counselors work tirelessly to that end.

Amid this fast-developing situation where COVID-19 is on our minds, it is our deep desire and, indeed, our obligation to keep those in our care safe from harm.

In addition, we want to set a good example of responsible public health decision-making for those in our community.

Stepping Stone has been in contact with representatives from San Diego County Behavioral Health Services, and have consulted with our own team of advisors.

We are updating our existing emergency plans to reflect the realities of the COVID-19 virus on our organization and will release information in the coming days and weeks as the situation unfolds.

At this time, out of an abundance of caution for our clients and our guests, we have decided to cancel any non-essential events for the time being and to postpone this week’s graduation ceremony.

Please join us in wishing our graduates well and celebrating their success - each and every graduate is a miracle and their success is truly a bright spot in this time of uncertainty. We will update when we have a plan for a future graduation ceremony.

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday declared that the spread of the virus is now considered a global pandemic. 

Many high-profile special events and festivals have been canceled throughout the country including the SXSW film festival, Coachella Music Festival, and DragCon Los Angeles. 

About Stepping Stone:

Stepping Stone is a non-profit alcohol and drug recovery agency that offers a variety of social model recovery programs incorporating the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.