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Is "Queer Cancel Culture" ruining our progress?

Is "Queer Cancel Culture" ruining our progress?

"Cancel culture" is a powerful tool when used properly, but if abused it can end up leaving conversations that should happen between both sides unspoken, and that is not healthy for either group.

Therapist Matthew J. Dempsey continues his YouTube series in which he speaks about topics that are important to the LGBT community in an effort to make sure we gain healthy insight into ourselves and others.

This week's topic is queer cancel culture:

For a community that has long been oppressed and silenced, us queer people need to make sure we continue to use our voices to assert our right for equality anytime it's challenged or ignored.

Companies like Chick-fil-A and eHarmony have felt the public backlash when they were unwilling to acknowledge or quickly amend their contributions of inequity to LGBTQ+ people.

Calling out any discrimination is a must, but is canceling entire companies and public figures who misstep an even more effective strategy to let the larger society know what is no longer tolerable? Even more importantly, are there any overlooked costs to the community and it's people doing the canceling?

Check out my latest video where I explore "Queer Cancel Culture" and the responses that can either maintain or help heal trauma both community-wide and individually.

Matthew J. Dempsey is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) who graduated with both a Masters of Arts and a Masters of Education in Psychological Counseling from Teachers College, Columbia University.

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