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Katie Sowers makes Super Bowl history

Katie Sowers makes Super Bowl history.
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The San Francisco 49ers beat the Green Bay Packers and made history over the weekend.

Assistant coach of the 49ers Katie Sowers, 33, will take the team to Super Bowl LIV in Miami on Feb. 2 to go up against the Kansas City Chiefs. Along with her victory goes the title of the first female coach and the first openly gay coach to do so. 

“Takin our talents to south beach,” Sowers posted on Instagram Sunday night.

Sowers has always loved football and even played in the Woman’s Football Alliance. This season marks her third with the 49ers. 

Earlier this month the coach was the focus of a Microsoft Surface ad. “I’m not here to just be the token female. I’m here to help us win,” she says in the spot. 

There is no acknowledgment of Sower's sexuality in the 30-second commercial, but that's not the focus anyway.

The spot encourages people to strive for their dreams no matter who they are, and no matter what those dreams might be. 

"When you have a dream, bring it to the Surface," reads the tagline.