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Katie Sowers featured in new Microsoft ad

Katie Sowers featured in new Microsoft ad.
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Microsoft Surface

Assistant coach for the San Francisco 49ers, Katie Sowers is being featured in a new Microsoft ad.

The sports trailblazer came out in 2017 and became the first openly gay coach, male or female, for a pro team. She is also only the second female assistant in NFL history.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro is a portable computer and is featured in the new ad with Sowers. The spot was first aired at Sunday’s Seattle Seahawks at Philadelphia Eagles wild card game according to Outsports, then during the “Golden Globes" this past Sunday.  

“I’m not here to just be the token female. I’m here to help us win,” Sowers says in the ad.

There is no acknowledgment of Sower's sexuality in the 30-second commercial, but that's not the focus anyway.

The spot encourages people to strive for their dreams no matter who they are, and no matter what those dreams might be. 

"When you have a dream, bring it to the Surface," reads the tagline.