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Singer, dancer Regan Gascoigne comes out

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Regan Gascoigne - Instagram

Popular English footballer Paul Gascoigne may not know his son is bisexual, but he probably does now. 

In an interview for The MirrorRegan Gascoigne, 23, said he has dated both men and women. 

“I’m bisexual; I date men and women. I’m open about that,” he explained to the publication. “I haven’t had a lot of relationships, though. I’ve only dated three people. I haven’t told my dad, but I don’t think he will mind.”

This revelation may come as a surprise to his father because but Regan is assured that, “he is proud of me whatever I do and whatever decisions I make.”

 Regan is an up-and-coming performer who has appeared on BBC One’s talent show The Greatest Dancer.

He says he doesn't want to be famous per-se, “I just want to be successful in what I do,” adding that he admires his dad, however, it's hard growing up as the son of a famous person. 

"Because people know what he does, they assume I’m a joke act, or I’m not actually going to be able to dance or sing," he sais. “But as Dad tells me if I keep working hard, I can achieve anything.”

Not only is Regan a great dancer he also is pursuing a music career. Demi Lovato sang with him at the Europe Music Awards and on ITV’s The Real Full Monty: Ladies’ Night.

He has also done a duet with Charlize Berg for the song "Has it Come to This."