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"The Gender Unicorn" not appreciated as a handout in CA school

"The Gender Unicorn"
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The "Gender Unicorn" is a basic infographic explaining how gender identities and sexual preferences are not the same and one California queer science teacher is facing reprimand after they used it in the first day of class The Modesto Bee reports 

According to school rules, using such a teaching tool without approval goes against policy. 

The teacher, Luis Davila Alvarado, printed "The Gender Unicorn" as a handout and gave it to about 50 students reports The Advocate. They were supposed to get permission from the school since the subject matter is only authorized to be used in health classes. 

Denair Unified School District Superintendent Terry Metzger says it was not a part of any assignment, "Kids were not asked to fill it out. He really was using it as a reference point,” he said. "[It] probably was not appropriate just in the way that the handout looked and it looked like it needed to be filled out and so it was just probably the wrong tool."

It just so happened that the school's principal, Amanda Silva, was in Alvarado’s class when it was distributed and asked them to stop.

Some parents, when they found out what happened quickly complained. 

“I don’t care what you identify as; that’s your decision," said one parent, Sonia Rush. "But no one has the right to ask my child these questions that have absolutely nothing to do with what you are teaching in a classroom,"

Metzger said he and he principal have spoken to the teacher, “Any discipline is a private matter between the district and employee.”