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Matthew J. Dempsey's new LGBT therapy web series tackles issues à la carte

"Cost of Two Sandwiches" with Matthew J. Dempsey is a weekly series with no baloney.
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YouTube - Matthew J. Dempsey

Psychotherapist and YouTube personality Matthew J. Dempsey is literally getting people to bring their problems out into the open in a new webseries called "Cost of Two Sandwiches."

The idea came to him after he went on a picnic in what he thought was a date, but turned out to be more of an intellectual connection than a romantic one.

It's the therapeutic qualities of food coupled with conversation that inspired Dempsey's show, he takes several willing LGBT patients on a picnic and gives them advice on how to break through their problems, all with a little humor, some honesty garnished with a lot of compassion. 

"For the cost of two sandwiches, I sit down picnic style and offer up my brand of queer psychotherapeutic guidance to those struggling within the LGBTQ community and beyond," he writes on his YouTube channel. "Coming out, religion, dating, jealousy, sex, and body image are just some of the issues we tackle with raw vulnerability and a glimmer of hope for anyone who can relate."

This new show is in honor of both Mental Health Awareness and LGBT Pride Month, May and June respectively, with a new episode every Tuesday beginning after its premiere on May 14, 2019. 

Matthew is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) who graduated with both a Masters of Arts and a Masters of Education in Psychological Counseling from Teachers College, Columbia University.