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Beach you ready? Fitness expert Grant Foreman gives tips on getting in summer shape

I’m coaching a FREE Bootcamp, Easter Sunday (April 21) at 9:30 am.
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Grant Foreman

So you might need some reminding but we do indeed live in Southern California, despite our Pacific Northwest gloom and chill all winter. Which means spring is short lived and summer is about to be upon us!

I want to give you easy daily adjustments to your routine that will get some of the fluff off before we go Full Monty at Blacks Beach. 

With all this, there’s an important caveat: you’ve got to love your body where it’s at in any of its ever-changing states; knowing that your worth has nothing to do with its desirability factor to others! 

Now let’s begin! 

Square one is what we put in our mouths, let’s create a calorie deficit to start moving the scale a happy direction. The easiest way is to start by knocking off 500 calories daily. Pull these from something you take in every day so it’s an easy adjustment and you don’t have to completely rework your eating patterns. 

The goal is taking out something that happens on the daily so you’re eating less than normal. Keep in mind if you have more weight to lose your deficit needs will be higher than 500. We’re trying to start SIMPLE! 

It takes about 3,500 calories to make 1 pound of fat. A week’s worth of 500 daily calorie cuts should put you in line to drop a pound a week. 

Common 500 calorie foods to cut:

•Plain Bagel with Cream Cheese (and with two packs of Cream Cheese that’s another 290 calories!) 

•Four Slices of bacon

•Venti Starbucks Frappuccino 

•Six-inch Subway Ham Sandwich (add cheese and mayo that’s another 200 calories)

•4oz of Cheese (eyeball 1 ounce of cheese as a pair of dice) 

•One IPA Beer is 200 calories so three is 600! 

•One pint of Ben & Jerry’s is around 580

Have a lot of extra cushion?

Try for a couple of these 500 calorie cuts in a day and research other calorie totals of things you know you could probably do without.

Next key step is movement. 

The most basic, and accessible activity is walking. 

Use your phone step counter and start by going 10,000 steps a day. This is roughly 5 miles (depending on gait length etc). 

One mile, burns approximately 100 calories, so 5 miles, or 10k steps, gets a 500 calorie burn!

This, with the food tips I gave above, should get you moving off two pounds a week! 

And that’s just walking! 

Throw in a boot camp in Balboa Park, which can get up to 800 calories in an hour, not to mention that metabolism boost (the thing that burns calories for energy) which occurs up to two days post-high-Intensity Interval workout, and you’ll be well in the way to slimming down.

Cheat meals

A cheat meal could help keep you on track but a cheat day...well you stand to eat a surplus of the same amount you took off all week so a loss would be non-existent. Stay strict for a couple of weeks before thinking of cheats. 

FREE Bootamp

I’m coaching a FREE Bootcamp, Easter Sunday (April 21) at 9:30 am.

It’s open to all levels of fitness with scaled movements to ratchet up or throttle back.

It’s a fun way to get outdoors, meet new people, and give some life to your workout schedules.

It’s on the corner of Sixth and Laurel, right across from “Nate’s Dog Park” there. Bring water and a towel, and at the end, if you feel inclined some will be making donations of $10 but again, it’s not required. 

Write to me at writegf@gmail.com with any questions on calorie cutting, training inquiries, or Bootcamp info! 

See you soon!