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How to survive "gay ghosting"

Photo credit:
Matthew J. Dempsey - YouTube

Dating has always been stressful. In this day and age with contact only a finger tap away, when someone just completely stops interacting with you, it can make you feel rejected without reason.

This is called "ghosting" and it's a tactic that has nothing to do with the person being ignored and everything to do with the person doing the ignoring. 

Matthew J. Dempsey has been on the uncomfortable end of this dating phenomenon and even as a psychotherapist he questioned himself. 

In his latest video, Matthew discusses his experience with this social behavior and gives you some advice on what to do if it happens to you, or if you're thinking about doing it. 

"Putting yourself out there to date is already tough enough let alone having to deal with the possibility of rejection," Matthew says."What's worse is when you start seeing someone regularly and then they just vanish out of nowhere. Ghosting is unfortunately a reality and though we can't avoid when it happens, we can manage how we deal with it.

On the flip side, for those who feel tempted to simply disappear when things run stale? It might create more unnecessary internal issues than is worth the fleeting moment of relief from avoiding a difficult conversation.

Check out my latest video where I talk about being ghosted, temptations to ghost, and the extra rainbow-colored layer that makes things a little more challenging for us gays."