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San Diego Pride & local LGBT sports outings are hitting it out of the park

San Diego LGBT sporting events have grown to include many agencies over the years.
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Billie Jean KingBilly BeanRenée RichardsLiz CarmoucheGreg Louganis, and many more San Diego-connected or -rooted athletes have excelled at their sports while combating homophobia, transphobia, and HIV stigma for decades.

Yet, with still relatively few out LGBTQ athletes in major league sports when compared to other industries, we know there is still much work to do.

San Diego has a long history as a thriving community for LGBTQ adults interested in sports with groups like America’s Finest City Softball League who’ve been longtime partners for OUT at the Park, Front Runners & Walkers who donate proceeds from the Pride 5K back to Pride’s community grant program and the Sunburst Youth Housing Project, and about 14 other local LGBTQ sports groups.

Many of them support the We Care fundraising efforts and can be found at the Pride Festival in the Athletes Alley area where attendees can relax, play lawn games, connect with the teams' members, and sign up to join a team.

What started in the the 90’s with OUT at the Park now includes an ever-growing number of “OUT” sports events. San Diego Gulls are hosting a You Can Play night this Friday and will be giving their proceeds to our women’s festival She FestOUT at the Fleet, hosted by SDAFFL, and OUT at the Pitch will be donating proceeds to support San Diego Pride’s education and advocacy programs.

Much of the vital work left to be done to combat LGBTQ discrimination in athletic spaces includes protecting our most vulnerable by stopping bullying and harassment in playgrounds, P.E., and youth programs.

There is much left to accomplish at all stages of an LGBTQ athlete’s development including having supportive parents, coaches, teachers, team owners, managers, and fans in the stadium.

I hope you’ll join us at one of our upcoming LGBTQ sports outings so we can show the rest of the world, and especially our closeted athletes and youth, that we are here to support them as part of our Legacy of Liberation.

With Pride,

Fernando Z. López

Executive Director

San Diego Pride