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Ex Major League Soccer player comes out on Instagram with his boyfriend

Matt Pacifici comes out and introduces his boyfriend to the world.

This past Sunday, both former Major League Soccer player Matt Pacifici, and his boyfriend publicly came out on social media. 

The 25-year-old had to leave the sport because of an injury a few years ago according to Outsports and during that time reflected on his life and managed to fall in love at the same time. 

“When you’re in a relationship that makes you happy, and on social media you see people posting about their girlfriends, it feels weird not being a part of that,” Pacifici said. “You want them to know. This relationship is the one that makes me the most happy ever in my life.”

His boyfriend is Dirk Blanchat, also from Charlotte, appears in the Instagram coming out post.

Pacifici was the third-string goalkeeper for the Columbus Crew and during his time on that team never considered coming out to the world.

“Playing the part of the straight professional athlete was much more important to me at the time than being true to myself,” Pacifici said.

But that all changed one day during practice when he suffered a head injury that would forever alter the course of his sporting career, effectively ending it.

With so many coming out stories in the sports world lately, Pacifici says LGBT athletes are setting a precedent. 

“The more people who come out,” he said, “the easier it will be for other people to follow.”