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Esera Tuaolo will host Super Bowl inclusion party

Esera Tuaolo will lead an inclusion panel on sports before the Super Bowl. But catch him at Martinis Above Fourth before that.
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Martinis Above Fourth

You can see Esera Tuaolo this month at Martinis Above Fourth, but after that, he is heading to Atlanta.

On Tuesday before the Super Bowl LII Tuaolo will team up with his Hate is Wrong organization and present a panel discussion series on LGBTQ inclusion in sports, in addition to his Second Annual Inclusion Party in Atlanta. 

According to Outsports, Tuaolo was an NFL player for nine years and even went to the Super Bowl with the Atlanta Falcons.

He came out publically in 2002. 

“One of the dirty birds is going back into town,” Tuaolo told Outsports. "It’s amazing to go back to the city where I had so much fun playing and such great memories of playing in the Super Bowl with the Falcons, and to do an inclusion party and a Hate Is Wrong inclusion panel to move us forward into this whole inclusion and diversity world we’re living in.”

Tuaolo's goal with the pre-Super Bowl events in Atlanta is to build efforts on LGBT inclusion in professional sports. 

Tuaolo is also a singer. He has sung the National Anthem at sporting events, including NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA games, and at the opening ceremony of the Gay Games VII and Super Bowl 2018. He was cast on Season 13 of The Voice, and made it to the top 20.

He has also released and performed his own music, and now continues to write, record, and perform music throughout the country, including on television programs like The Ellen Show.

Esera Tuaolo in "Mr. Aloha" at Martinis Above Fourth is on Wednesday, January 23, 2019, 8 pm. 

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Martinis Above Fourth is located at 3940 Fourth Ave, San Diego, 92103.