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Mexican boxer says Hitler was right about gays: "I hate them, I can’t"

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Unlike recent public figures who had their still-active tweets exhumed from their timelines, Mexican boxer Dario Larralde was smart to delete his soon after he allegedly posted them. 

Larralde posted on his social feed that he supported the Hilter tenant that gays are "a plague" according to Pink News

Said deleted posting was actually a Twitter video in which the beefy athlete went on a homophobic tirade in Spanish:  “F**king gays, I have a f**king phobia… everywhere I go, every day, there’s always a f**king gay punk on the corner watching me. And I hate it! Why me? I’m a f**king magnet for gays,” according to Instinct.

Apparently suffering from gay panic, the boxer continued his line of homophobia by suggesting physical retaliation against gay men. 

“You tell them ‘NO’ and these guys get fired up, dude! And there they are right behind you, trying it like 10 times, until you f**king beat the s**t out of them, they won’t understand. And you can’t even hit them because then they start with ‘Well, I’m gay!’ Gays f**king piss me off, they piss me off. I know that Hitler was a bad person, but I do support him in that. F**king gays are a plague," he added. "They piss me off, they make me sick, I will never understand them. I hate them."

In World War II, gays were ostracized, rounded up and killed under Hitler and the Nazis. 

Larralde tagged “Tokyo Olympics 2020” and “2016 Rio Olympics” in the rant which caused the Mexican Committee for the Olympics to make a quick response. 

“The Mexican Olympics Committee denounces the homophobic statements made toward the LGBT community by Dario Larralde, who is not part of the national boxing selection.” they wrote on December 7

Such hateful statements, of course, caught the attention of the masses and prompted the fighter to issue an apology on December 8. He denied hating the LGBT community: “I offer a huge and sincere apology… I have nothing against lesbians, nothing against transgender people. I have nothing against gay men.” He added, “I don’t hate gays, I’m not homophobic in that sense—and that word ‘homophobia’ is bad. Everything I said is bad.”

According to Larralde the original video resulted in lots of backlash against him. He said there were threats made against him, his family and his girlfriend. He doubled-down on his acceptance of the community but said he still has a problem with flirtatious gay men. 

“It is something that I don’t tolerate and that is what bothers me about the gay community,” he said, claiming sexual harassment.  “But I have encountered only gays who harass and they don’t understand that I don’t bat for their team or that I have a girlfriend. It’s not fair.”

"In reality I’m against sexual harassment not the gay community. I’m not against you being free and doing whatever you want. Honestly, I applaud you. I’m glad your movement is progressing. I’m glad you’re all part of society—what I mean is that it is more accepted now, more supported. I’m happy for you. That’s great news! Really, I applaud you. But finally, forgive me. I don’t have a lot of time to speak, there’s not too much to explain, but I hope I can explain it later. A sincere sincere apology."

Promising to deactivate his Twitter account, Larralde made another statement on Dec. 10, but this time he claimed his statements were misquoted, especially that he wants LGBT people killed. 

“What the f**k? What’s up with that? I never said that. If you want you can go watch the original video. All I said was: ‘Hitler was a bad person, but I agree that gays are a plague."

Larralde seems to have become annoyed that people are not quick to accept his apologies, cut and dried, and they keep bringing up his homophobic tweets. 

He wrote: "You just need to go watch the apologies and see what I really mean. But stop writing that stuff. It’s fine if you want more controversy. It’s fine if you want more f**ing drama. It’s fine that you want more views. That’s all fine. But I remind you that I’m also a person. I also have a family, I also have a girlfriend."