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International female sports rivals get married

The hockey rivals got married this past Sept.
Photo credit:
Meghan Duggan - Twitter

Although Americans may not be as in love with hockey as Canadians are, there was at least one international rink-side meet-cute that resulted in a fine romance and a sporting world "royal wedding."

U.S. gold medallist and Olympic team captain Meghan Duggan married Canadian women's hockey gold medallist Gillian Apps late last month, ending at least a small part of the nearly thirty-year U.S./Canadian sports rivalry.

Meghan kept fans up-to-date with tweets of the big day saying it was the "most incredible day of my entire life."

The United States Olympic Committee noted on their website the countries icy conflict and congratulated the couple, quipping, "After facing off across from each other at five world championships and two Olympic Games, the couple now faces life’s future adventures together."

It seems the Great White North and the Land of Milk and Honey are champions when it comes to love and hockey. 

Late last year former Team USA hockey captain and silver medalist Julie Chu announced that she and Canadian gold medalist Caroline Ouellette had a baby girl.