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Does "Pretty Privilege" get you more by doing less?

With great privilege comes great responsibility.
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Matthew J. Dempsey

He's smart and outgoing and extremely handsome, Los Angeles based Matthew J. Dempsey seems to have it all and that might have to do more with his looks than anything else.

At least that's what he addresses in his new video called "Pretty Privilege." In it, Dempsey, a psychotherapist, acknowledges that he has seen certain advantages in life just because of his genetic make-up, but he also wants to shed light on those who may not be so "gifted" and their very-real struggles in society. 

He writes:

"In our beauty-obsessed world, it’s no surprise that pretty people have had an easier go for no other reason than just how they look. Especially in the gay community, men often place extra attention on their appearance to get a leg up when the rest of the world has taught them that they’re already starting at a deficit.

If this seems like common knowledge then why are attractive people so hesitant to publicly acknowledge their advantage? What's more, how might their denial continue to be harmful to those who don’t benefit from pretty privilege?

In my latest video, I attempt to speak from my own experience of attractiveness to shed some light and hopefully help deflate some of its power. With great privilege comes great responsibility. Check it out and let me know if you think I’m full of shit!"

You can watch what Dempsey​ has to say in the video below.