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Some people are really hating male cheerleaders in the NFL

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History was made in the NFL this month as they have officially hired their first male cheerleaders, one of them being Jesse Hernandez of the New Orleans Saints' Saintsations. He is only one of three other men who cheer on their teams. 

But that prestige also comes with harsh criticism, especially from homophobic fans who take to social media to air their grievances. 

Outsports says that the following comments were taken from Facebook regarding Hernandez and his new role: 

  • “I do not feel ‘threatened’ by an obvious homosexual dancing at NFL games. I feel repulsed & disgusted. I watch NFL games to be entertained, not to be held captive to the latest ‘advance’ in the homosexual ‘rights’ movement.”
  • “The death throes of the NFL. Promoting femininity and degrading anything masculine. Just imagine this male ballerina protecting the country.”
  • “Come for the National Anthem disrespect, stay for the gay dancers.”
  • “Its a sign of moral decay.”
  • “The New Orleans Saints just slapped every Muslim and Bible believing Christian in the face.”
  • “Buncha queers flouncing around like bitches. Sad AF.”
  • “How gay can the NFL get?”
  • “What male football fan wants some queer prancing around with the women?

Hernandez, now 25 says he's been dancing since he was 2-years-old and was inspired by the Rams who hired two male cheerleaders of their own this year: Napoleon Jinnies and Quinton Peron.

His mother has been extremely supportive and even clapped back at her son's naysayers. 

“Those people just need to get over it,” she said. “We’re in 2018. Things shouldn’t be just for men or just for women. If you have the ability to do it, you should be able to do it.”​