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Tennis star plants victory kiss on girlfriend at Wimbledon

 "I just think it’s a good thing because I have been able to come out as a gay person.”
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Wikimedia Commons

The sporting world seems to be getting more and more accepting of LGBT athletes, or at least the athletes are becoming more comfortable themselves. Take for instance Belgian tennis star Alison Van Uytvanck who won her match against  Anett Kontaveit at Wimbledon and planted a victory kiss on her girlfriend Greet Minnem.

Although Van Uytvanck has since been defeated and been swept out of the contest, she talked to reporters about being openly gay and revealing her relationship with Minnem. 

“I don’t think that I feel more free now, we just decided that it was something we didn’t want to keep to ourselves,” she said according to Pink News. “I’m happy and it doesn’t make any difference if that’s with a woman or a man. I just feel that it’s something we shouldn’t be ashamed about and that does make me feel more free.”

“I’m not ill, I don’t have any kind of disease," she continued. "I just think it’s a good thing because I have been able to come out as a gay person.”

Van Uytvanck is a sports celebrity and continues to climb the ranks in her field.

She's said in the past, her parents are proud of her and their support makes her feel happier, and so does her relationship, "I’m really happy with Greet. She understands me, she understands the game because she’s a player, we train together in the mornings. She’s a very warm person and we have a great connection. The only thing I hope is that young people have the confidence to do what we have done.”