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Once intolerant stepdad finds unity at "OUT at the Park" in heartwarming text to gay daughter

Stepdad tweets to his daughter from "OUT at the Park" and it shows the importance of Pride events.
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OUT at the Park

Whether you attended OUT at the Park last week or not, rest assured pride radiated from the stands in more ways than you might think.

The San Diego Padres welcomed the New York Mets at Petco Park on Friday and in the crowd was 19-year-old Alexys Mergy’s stepdad who at one time forbade her from dating other women.

This was after her parents “found a note that I was passing in class to my friends sophomore year of high school that was talking about my girlfriend at the time.”

Alexys broke off the relationship with the classmate and kept future relationships secret.

But late in 2017, she eventually moved in with her girlfriend Annais and since then her parents have learned to accept their daughter and embrace Annais as one of the family.

This was exemplified at Friday’s OUT at the Park event when her dad texted her a picture of Pride flags in the stands and wished Alexys and Annais were there with him instead of her [“dumb boys”] brothers.

Filled with excitement she tweeted out her feelings: 

"Stepdad just sent me a picture of a pride flag at the padres baseball game. Feels good to know my parents finally accept that I'm gay."

Alexys told Outsports what her dad's text meant to her and her girlfriend. 

“Annais and I felt that [my stepdad’s text] makes us feel truly a part of the family and that we’re loved for who we are and it feels good to know that.”