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Trans athletes might compete in 2020 Summer Olympics

Tifanny Abreu is a Brazilian trans volleyball player who also hopes to compete in 2020.
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With a history-making Winter Olympics, LGBT athletes are now looking to the 2020 Summer Games to usher in change.

Transgender volleyball player Tia Thompson of Hawaii is hoping to get a spot in those games reports OutSports. She will compete in the USA Volleyball National Tournament this May.

Tifanny Abreu is a Brazilian volleyball player who also hopes to compete in 2020.

“Just like any other player, I’d like to go to the Olympics,” Abreu said to the New York Times. “But I know it’s not going to happen just because I’m getting all this attention. I’ve got to do my best as a player.”

In New Zealand, weightlifter Laurel Hubbard may already have a place in the competition having won a silver medal in the World Championships.

Hubbard has received some backlash from Australia where she will participate in the Commonwealth Games.

The International Olympic Committee added trans folks in their inclusion policy which they drew up in part because of the success Chris Mosier enjoyed in the men’s competitions.

Mosier is a transgender man and the policy was updated to include mandated testosterone levels for trans women.

Women who comply with these regulations, keeping them at a pre-determined level for several years will be eligible to compete in the Olympic Games.

The Olympics have never had a publicly out trans athlete participate in the games.