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Westboro protestors no match for locals in support of gay athlete

Out high school sportsman Jake Bain received lots of support from classmates when Westboro Baptist Church showed up to protest his game.
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@JBSchool - Twitter

Jake Bain is an out gay athlete at John Burroughs School in Ladue, Missouri.

On Monday, the football player was the focus of the hate group Westboro Baptist Church when they showed up to one of his games. But according to LGBTQ Nation the handful of Westboro attendees was no match for the hundreds that came out in support of Jake.

 “This so much bigger than me,” Bain told NPR’s Jeremy Hobson on Here and Now.“There’s just so many people out there that are going through the same things that I’m going through. So I just hope that a light is kind of shed on the entire community, especially the youth.”

Jake will attend Indiana State University in the fall and play football for that school.   

In 2015, the football star was just coming out to friends. He eventually came out to his family in 2016.

Jake became a headline hero and an LGBT role model. He got involved in local LGBT events and spoke openly about his journey.

Of course, this meant the Westboro Church got wind of his story and made their way to his school, but they may not have expected the volume of support the athlete would receive from classmates and allies.