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Keeping it together when things fall apart

Chronic stressors are “pro-obesogenic” versus the accuse stressors which are “anorexigenic.”
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Grant Foreman

Sometimes the big ones come along and knock us not just on our ass but totally off the tracks. 

For me it was my mom passing unexpectedly in her sleep five months back, she was 59. 

I know for a lot of people the big ones can be breakups, job loss, even pet loss. 

These all can contribute to what’s considered chronic stress, and it’s this state that presents the greatest health risk to us. 

As it tends to go there are also things we can do to not add insult to injury so we don’t come away with an extra twelve pounds of chub on top of our crappy mood.

So chronic stressors are “pro-obesogenic” versus the accuse stressors which are “anorexigenic” (fun words right?!). 

Our bodies start to crave what’s labeled as “palatable” foods, basically, it’s the good shit. 

And it’s these sweet and fatty foods that are giving our chronically stressed brains little bursts of dopamine from the feel-good centers of our brain.

This perfect storm of chub isn’t over because not only does chronic stress make us crave the worst but it also elevates our cortisol levels (cortisol tells the body to “store” instead of “burn”). 

So not only are our caloric levels elevated but even just our regular calories would be more apt to be stored as fat for future use instead of processed now.

Thanks to crafty fitness professionals and us living in a first world county we have some great options through these pitfalls. 

Give in to some of your cravings, demonizing the urge runs the risk of making it into a greater forbidden fruit, and choose a modified form of what you crave. 

Want ice cream? (I know stupid question)Buy Halo Top ice cream, it averages 300 a pint, is low sugar and high protein. It boggles the mind I know, wait until you go ham on the whole pint.

If it’s a sweet-snacking urge have frozen grapes on the ready.

Wash them first and leave them wet when putting them in so as the water freezes it gives a little ice crunch too. The cold actually makes your stomach not as hungry on top of slowing down how fast you consume them.

If you’d rather crunch on salty snacks go to Amazon and buy a box of the Quest Nutrition protein chips. There’s a bunch of flavors (my favorite is salt and vinegar) and they’re made from protein which is awesome!

These are only a few of the quick ones you can pull on your stressed out cravings. 

Look for more alternatives on fitness blogs and set yourself up for success by not having the crappy stuff in the house, to begin with.

There’s always a better option even with the cheat foods and you’ll feel better about valuing your health in the end... which may even help get you out of your funk.