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"Eagle" bar not a sports bar dedicated to Philly NFL fans they found out

Eagle Bolt Bar hosts unsuspecting Philly fans.
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Can you imagine if visiting Super Bowl fans thought the San Diego Eagle was a spot dedicated solely to the Philidelphia Eagles?

That’s what may have happened in Minneapolis on Sunday, according to Queerty.

A group of fans could not be at the stadium to watch the championship live, so they did the next best thing; went to a sports bar. Only they discovered this wasn’t an ordinary tavern.

One social media witness posted, “Eagles fans are mistaking @eagleBoltbar as a fan bar and I am DYING. It’s more of a Bears kinda place ya’ll.”

The “Eagle” clubs are universally known to cater to the LGBT fetish community not devout NFL fans. Why they thought this particular Minneapolis bar was a fan hub for a sports team located in Philly is a mystery.

Never-the-less, Eagles fans poured into downtown’s Eagle Bolt Bar expecting a televised version of Super Bowl LII on Sunday. And they got it. 

“Eagles fans here at @eagleBoltbar were drawn by the name,” said one patron. 

This may become a trend for future games. The misunderstanding turned out to be a great time and the bar’s owner Ed Hopkins says they are welcome back:

“The people in tonight enjoyed being in our place,” said Hopkins. “The Eagles fans were very rowdy and fun. We enjoyed having them in our establishment.”