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Athlete says gays are "confusing" society

Athlete and reality tar Anthony Mundine says gays are "confusing to society."
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Pro boxer, former rugby player, and recent Australian reality star Anthony Mundine has some strong opinions about gay people, calling them “wrong” and "confusing to society” according to Queerty.

In a recent interview with Sydney Morning Herald, the I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here contestant said he is living in the wrong era; he, “should have been born in the ‘40s and ‘50s.”

In the interview he explains his disdain for modern times, “I’m from their sort of era, their traits and their beliefs back then, where the men were the men and the women were the women. Not the man trying to be the woman and the woman trying to be the man."

He added: "I was always taught that two genders together is natural; it's what's meant to be. Male and male, or female and female, is just confusing to society."

Mundine allegedly has a gay friend who he likes to impose his beliefs on. He tells him he better "find a lady” or “God will judge you.”

The pro boxer is no stranger to stirring the pot. Apparently, being controversial is a part of his act. 

During the filming of his Australian reality show, he said, when it comes to women, “I just kick back and relax while women cook and clean. That is my attitude."