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Adam Rippon has made LGBT sports history

Adam Rippon says it's important to be out.
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Wikimedia Commons

Adam Rippon has been making LGBT sports headlines this week as the first openly gay male to be selected for the Winter Olympics team.

The 28-year-old sports star grew up in Scranton, Pa.

He is open about his life on social media especially when it comes to LGBT people in the spotlight and their responsibilities.

“LBGTQ ppl are still targeted in hate crimes, sent to concentration camps, are asked about their “lifestyle”, and questioned about the bathroom they use. So, until that stops, it’s important to be “out” and visible.”

He says that visibility may help another person who feels marginalized like he once did.

“While you may not be SHOCKED that I am gay (surprise), I hope it helps a young girl or boy who doesn’t feel like they belong (like I once did) and lets them know it’s awesome to be yourself. You can do ANYTHING if you work hard.”

Outsports reports that Rippon may not be the only openly gay male on the ice at the Olympics in South Korea this year. Canadian pairs skater Eric Radford will most likely be competing as well as US participant Gus Kenworthy.

There has never been an out male Olympian says Outsports and the inclusion of these three athletes would be a historic moment in LGBT history.