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The one thing you can start tomorrow and begin to lose weight

If you take in more than your body is burning up than it has to pull from its reserves.
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Grant Foreman

It’s the New Year and that means new attempts at fad diets, cleanses, or “challenges”.

The things that Karen from accounting is doing with your group of coworkers for the next thirty days most likely has some kernels of fitness-truth that will bring about weight loss.

But which is it: carb cutting, juice only, no white foods, only eating within an eight-hour window…?

All of these things are pointing you in the same direction: Calorie deficits.

If you take in more than your body is burning up than it has to pull from its reserves.

This means weight loss.

All weight loss is not equal nor is it healthy, and some utilize multiple factors like hormone responses to access fat stores quicker.

We want to keep our hard earned muscle and burn unnecessary fats.

If you don’t know how much your body needs to accommodate your activity level, and you don’t know how much you’re taking in in a day… well, good luck at your hit-and-miss approach which will only take you so far, if at all.

Take out the guesswork from the most critical part of any fitness regimen and work within a set range of calories and macronutrients (carbs, fats, proteins).

You can lose weight by just by being in caloric deficit with no extra movement (though adding in daily training will light this fire up and move it quickly while making you healthier to boot!).

Have a trainer like me create a macro-meal plan that’s specific to YOUR NEEDS.

Don’t follow what Karen is doing from that article her mom emailed from Good Morning America.

After two weeks of using an app and some discipline, you’ll be a pro at knowing what a day of eating should feel like for you to lose weight, OR gain weight for that matter.

This knowledge doesn’t leave you where you started at the end of a thirty-day challenge either, it’s with you for life.

Email me at wrtiegf@gmail.com and I’ll make you your own plan today, stop hoping and start acting.