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"Cozy" holiday foods may need extra help digesting

Digestive enzymes are NOT probiotics. 
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Grant Foreman Fitness

Fall is the time where we get a bit cozier, yes even here in San Diego, and with that comes more “cozy” foods.

This week’s article is about some easy supplements and tweaks you can make to be around food sensitivities you may not even be aware you have. 

Think about having a big breakfast that has awesome pancakes, then go all-in with eggs and bacon. 

Now think about the difference in how being full after that plate of hotcakes feels as opposed to full from a standard lunch or dinner. 

The lethargy, the extreme “full” feeling, and maybe even bloat after are most likely from your gut not having enough of the digestive enzymes it needs to break down that quantity of gluten. 

Digestive enzymes are not probiotics. 

Those are good for gut health in general but we need specific enzymes to break down specific foods. 

Our bodies only have so much of each, and each of us has varying levels which then vary further throughout the day (stronger in the morning than night) not to mention our age (weaker as we get older). 

I strongly recommend getting your blood-work done at a clinic that specializes in reading the food-sensitivity tests available. Try Spark Health in Solana Beach which test for over 99 different specific foods and gives a scale on how well your body handles each. http://www.mysparkhealth.com

But for the quick fix at the Thanks Giving table, grab a bottle of digestive enzymes from Rite Aid (also available at Sprouts and Wholefoods but SUBSTANTIALLY cheaper at $10).

This covers you for gluten, dairy, carbohydrate and protein excesses.

I take them with my first bite and keep them coming if the food keeps up too!

These are enzymes that should already be present in your body and it’s not a drug. That being said listen to your body and your doctor if you have doubt.

They save my life with my gluten and dairy sensitivities and all of my friends when we’re going large on some eaten.